KO: Gus Kroening, Baldwin-Woodville H.S. (WI)

PUNT: Nate Custer, UW-Whitewater (WI)

FG: Garrison Jackman, Litchfield H.S. (MN)

Saturday, July 13th, 2024


2nd Annual

This is not a camp. It is a kicking and punting competition.

This competition is open to any high school, college or free agent kicker or punter.

ONE ENTRY offers each specialist access to all three competitions: Kick-offs, Punting and Field Goals.

Note that we’re on turf so that we can kick, rain or shine.  Inclement weather will only delay us and we’ll have access to a storm shelter should it be necessary.

Saturday, July 13th
Our morning camp will be wrapping up at 11:30am.

MPKC Check-in starts at 11:30pm on the game field and we get underway at 12:00pm sharp.  We’ll have the field until we crown our champions (around 2pm).

Participants will get a free performance t-shirt and the opportunity to compete against kickers from around the state (and across the Midwest) Come prepared to kick. You’ll get plenty of time to warm up, but don’t be the person who isn’t prepared to compete because their leg is tired.

There won’t be “camp instruction”, but Coach Farley will be on the field to provide pointers, if asked, as well as provide some helpful tips and advice to perform at your very best.

Spectator Attendance is FREE!
Everyone is welcome to attend free of charge and come right on to the sidelines to enjoy the competition.  We encourage you to bring as many friends and family members as you like (just behave yourself:-)  It should be a great atmosphere AND provide the most game-like conditions you will see ALL SUMMER LONG.*

How does it work?
This is a competition like none-other.  To start things off, just like on “Friday Night”, we’ll begin with the kick off competition. However, instead of a point score (like we do at the Northshore Combine), we want to make it easier for fans to know who’s in the competition and who is not.

Kick Offs: You will tee up the ball 40 yards away from the end zone. You must kick the ball on the fly to the end zone (yes, the goal line is IN). Any kick that does not reach the end zone (yes, it has to be in bounds… or beyond the end zone) will advance you in the competition. You need to successfully complete the kick to advance to the next distance. Each kicker gets 2 misses for the competition before they are OUT. We move back in 5 yard increments until only one kicker remains. Should the last two kickers miss their second kicks at the same distance, then they will both stay in the competition and move in 5 yards to re-attempt the KO.

Punting: The second competition is punting. Specialists will set up 35 yards away from the end zone. The same rules apply to punters as stated for kick offs.  We will be clocking hang time, but the only thing that matters is to get your punt into the end one (or beyond). It’s a consistency in distance competition.

Field Goals: Kickers will set up at the 25 yard line and work their way back in 5 yard increments, just like we do for kick offs and punts, except you’ll need to clear the uprights, of course! You will get 2 misses, but you must make at each distance to proceed. Likewise, should two kickers miss at the end of the competition, they will move in 3 yards to re-attempt the kick. It’s sudden death.

NOTE: High school kickers may use up to a 2″ tee or block.  College kickers and free agents will use a 1″ kick off tee and no tee for field goals. HOWEVER: Free agents… older than 40 can follow high school rules, if they prefer.

*Trying to bring real pressure into your summer training is always difficult. Attending this event might be the best training you do all summer long.

Will there be scouts there?
We are actively promoting this event and are alerting college and professional teams. We do not guarantee who shows up. We will, however, be putting together a “highlight” film of the event, complete with player interviews that will be promoted via social media and on our YouTube Channel after the event.

This is the Midwest’s premier event for kickers and punters… from college guys to high schoolers (sorry, you have to be at least entering 9th grade to participate).  Champions in the different disciplines will be awarded our coveted foil stamped NFL footballs!


“End Zone” ball is a simpler way for players and fans to instantly understand who’s winning and who is not. When it comes to kickoffs and punts, just get your ball to land on our beyond the end zone (while staying within the sidelines).


Everyone is invited to join the UW-River Falls football staff on a tour of their incredible facilities and learn more about the college recruiting process.

Participants (and their families) are invited to attend a Recruting Clinic to help you learn what more about the collegiate recruiting process. You needn’t be an upper-classman to take advantage of this FREE 1-hour session.

Campus is just 1-mile away from the MKPC
Drive over to UW-River Falls and be introduced to what the college football experience is all about.  Coach Matt Walker leads the discussion. Coach Farley will also add an NIL session, along with a general Q&A, especially as it pertains to kicking specialists. There will be a free box lunch for all who attend. The cost of this special session is covered by your MKPC entry fee.

We’ll even feed you…
Enjouy a free box lunch while at the recruiting clinic. It’s a long day of football, but our campers say it’s well worth the time.  Most likely, you’ll be done around 4:00pm.


IMPORTANT: If you or your camper gets lost or will be delayed in getting to camp, please text Mike Farley directly at: 262-388-3326. We want to make sure that every camper is safe at camp (as well as to and from the camp site).