Appleton Camp Maxed Out

We had a full 24 kids in camp this week… the largest amoutn of campers we allow in camp.

Why limit at 24?

In a half-day camp, it’s really important that Coach Farley is able to work with eaach and every camper. By cutting the groups to 12 on either hash, it’s possible to get plenty of kicks in AND have ezxpert instruction for the highest level kids to beginners. The format of Mike Farley’s Kickers Camp makes it fun for every skill level.

At some camps, younger kids can get intimidated by the older guys. It’s understandable… but when the goal is for each and every camper to improve, the drills and the skills taught are equally beneficial to all involved. 

At the Appleton Camp, one of the key lessons learned was working effectively (and consistently) from distances that don’t cause you to struggle at all. It’s natural for kickers to want to work from longer distances, but the truth is, very few high school coaches will give you the opportunity, BUT from close range.  All the more important to gain the kind of confidence where any miss from close range truly is an abberation.  

“You should be shocked,” says Coach Farley on a niss. “So-much-so, that were you to get another opportunity from the same distance, you’d welcome it because you’d know you already got the goofy kick out of the way.”

Another aspect to this year’s camp was half-way through the morning, the light mist turned into rain. Instead of walking off the field or heading for the tent, it’s just another opportunity to get some quality work in. 

“You will play games in adverse conditions. You need to get ‘comfortable’ being uncomfortable.” Farley added. “Once you’ve learned that in rain, you’re likely to lose 5 yards of distance, the importance of confidence at close range becomes the difference between the successful kicker and the kid who folds his tent when he encounters adversity.”


MKPC — $50 OFF ENTRY FEE (if you attended a camp)

All campers who are 15 and older are encouraged to attend the MIDWEST KICKING & PUNTING CHAMPIONSHIP in River Falls, Wisconsin on Saturday, July 13th.  It’s a great way to wrap up your summer training season where high schoolers compete along side college kickers.  There are three separate contests (KO, P & FG) and last year, two high schoolers won !


See what college recruiting is all about from the staff of UW-River Falls and Coach Farley. Free food and drink included!