The 1st Annual Recruiting Clinic was held on July 16, 2023 at UW-River Falls, an NCAA D3 school with a great football program and even better facilities! UWRF Head Coach Matt Walker introduced his program to the parents and athletes in attendence, followed by Coach Mike Farley.

Find the right program for you!

It might just be the most exciting AND stressful time in your young life… being a part of the collegiate recruiting process. Coaches from NCAA D1, D2 or D3 programs pull out all the stops to convince you that their football program and school is right for you.

So what information are you armed with? I suggest you really start to dig in during your junior year of high school. Don’t be afraid to contact coaches and be your own publicist.  Talk to them straight. Have three of four questions to ask. Know a bit about their program before you call or email.

There’s a lot to learn along the way, and this helpful “Cheatsheet” provides some basic answers for high school football players as they embark on this process.

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Coach Farley put this handy “cheatsheet” together to assist you in the recruiting process.  What you’ll find is that playing at the next level is a real challenge.  Many of you earned your starting spot on your team from 5th grade. You may not have really had to compete for the chance to play before. “I guarantee you, you will now.”

The facts presented on the sheet aren’t meant to dissuade you, in fact, they should empower you to not look at recruiting through “rose colored glasses.” You want to honestly assess your skills with the program that’s interested in having you commit to them.

Ultimately, you’re a student first. Get a great education in an evironment that suites you best — then spearate the football programs by how you fit within their system. Keep “playing” at the front of your list.  Far too many athletes get caught up in the hype of a big school when their chances of success are limited. Being a big fish in a small pond can really be fun… but remember, there are always bigger fish that you.

Stay humble. Work hard. Do good.

CALLING ALL PARENTS… if you want to discuss further about these issues, feel free to email me at: I’m here to help.