Kicking competition will be broadcast LIVE!

We’re going “all out” on providing the most fun kicking competition is the country, AND the one with the most game-like pressure filled conditions you’ll experience this summer.

Kevin Westhuis, who heads-up the River Falls High School Sports YouTube Channel ( with over 4,000 subscribers, has agreed to bring their multi-camera and full audio package to the Midwest Kicking & Punting Championship in UW-River Falls’ David Smith Stadium on the evening of Sunday, July 16th.

“We’re excited to put our production skills to the task of this special event in a stadium we know very well. We’ll have an announcer, colorman and interviews of the players on the field during the action. We’ll even do cut-aways to kicker bios… the works.” says Westhuis.

For specialists, the hardest thing during summer training is finding ways to actually put pressure on themselves to get better at handling game time atmosphere — the crowd, the noise, the lights — something on the line. The Midwest Kicking & Punting Championship gives high school, college and even free agent kickers and punters the opportunity to test themselves when they need it most… just before the start of their football season.

“I’m delighted that Kevin and his team have agreed to bring this live-stream package to everyone around the country. It’s also a tool for coaches and scouts to find some talent that they might be interested to recruit or sign.” says the MKPC’s Mike Farley.

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How the competition works:

• The entry fee of $100 allows all participants to compete in all three disciplines (KO, P & FG).

• For Kickoff, Punt and Field Goal, you’ll get two misses before you are out of the competition for that discipline.

• For kickoffs and punting, you have to get your kick to the goalline (touch the line) or beyond AND inside the sidelines. Kicks into and out of the end zone must pass through the goalline and not out of bounds prior to the goalline (impartial referees will determine this).

• For field goals, referees will signal if the kick passes between the uprights and over the crossbar.

• You have the option to pass at the opening distance if you wish. Most will want to use closer distances as their “warm-up” kicks.

• Should you succeed in your kick, you stay in the competition and move back 5-yards. The competition keeps moving back in 5-yard increments until 1 winner is crowned.

• Should final participants both miss their second kick, both will move closer to the end zone by 3 yards, then move back to the previous spot, if necessary until a champion is crowned.

• All ages will participate at each discipline testing session, as they are called to compete. Winners will be announced for both the high school and college/free agent divisions.

• If you miss, you’ll be called back in the same round to advance or be eliminated.

• Hangtimes aren’t part of the judging, however, a better hangtime typically means a better kick.


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