Coach Farley with the winners of the three MKPC Footballs: KO — Gus Kroening (Baldwin Woodville HS), PUNT — Nate Custer (UW-Whitewater) & FG — Garrison Jackman (Litchfield HS).

1st Annual Midwest Kicking & Punting Championship

Despite some swirling wind gusts up to 20 mph, the 25 participants (including 4 college specialists) from three states at this year’s inaugural Midwest Kicking & Punting Championship performed exceedingly well on the new turf at River Falls High School in River Falls, Wisconsin.

The three kicking discipline champions were awarded customized NFL footballs in lieu of trophies. Said Event Director Mike Farley, “On our site, we joke about NOT giving out trophies… but who wouldn’t want a good NFL football to kick around?”

Gus Kroening has a big leg and will be a real weapon for the Blackhawks this Fall.

Kickoff Championship

Gus Kroening, a senior at Baldwin-Woodville High School took how the first title by outlasting Nate Custer (UW-Whitewater), Dawson Kriske (UW-River Falls) and Garrison Jackman (Litchfield HS) with a 69 yd. kick into the wind. Parents and fans were allowed on to the field to view all of the action.  To make the contest easier to watch, kickers simply needed to get their kick off into the end zone to qualify for the next round, five yards back.  In the end, Gus and company back at an NCAA & NFL kickoff distance.

Punting Championship

Nate Custer is a senior in college at UW-Whitewater. As therir starting punter last season, Custer was the odds on favorite to win this competition. Again, the goal was simply to land your punt into the end zone, regardless of hang time. Thing is, you need a good hangtime when you move back to the longer distances. Custer won the contest over Gus Kroening with a 55 yard punt.

Nate Custer is a double threat as a kicker and punter for the UW-Whitewater Warhawks.

Garrison Jackman is a three position player (QB, K & P) for his Litchfield Panther team.

Field Goal Championship

Garrison Jackman, a senior at Litchfield High School (in Minnesota) took home the most challenging championship of the day as the winds picked up further. What started out as wind aiding, turned into a headwind that got the best of many our all-conference kickers. Garrison’s final 45 yard kick was enough to win over DeForest’s Max Acker and Baldwin-Woodville’s Gus Kroening.


Take a closer look at the action at this year’s Midwest Kicking & Punting Championship!


Next year’s 2024 Midwest Kicking & Punting Championship is being worked on for next summer. We hope to see twice the number of participants and are in the process of looking for sponsors. If you’re interested to help, please contact Coach Farley at