Perfect Weather & Facilities for Final Summer Camp

We had camps through wind and rain, but leave it to our last camp in our Summer Series to have absolutely perfect conditions.  A fitting way to end our summer.  The Rhinelander Camp was also our smallest, but most certainly had the most exposure with the help of Channel 12 WFJW with Rhinelander’s Matt Weaver giving us a spot light. (See video below)

Our camps are designed to give kids the most 1-on-1 instruction of any kickers camp in the country and Rhinelander certainly saw that in action with just 6 kickers.  For those that showed interest in attending, but chose not to (which we heard from many who had family plans this late into the summer — we get it), they missed out on super instruction, plenty of reps and the chance to kick at Wisconsin’s best high school facility — literally.

Who knew that the Northwoods would hold such a fantastic place to train and play?

We all got the opportunity to practice on a brand new turf field that’s every bit as good as you’ll find nationally, AND inside the newly constructed Hodag Dome, the largest air-supported high school dome in the nation — offering 128,000+ square feet of space — that’s a full 100 yard football field, four tennis courts and a six lane 100m straight track, not to mention batting cages, golf simulators, and sports court flooring that can accommodate basketball or volleyball, too!

If you get the opportunity, you’ll want to be at next year’s camp.  Only 24 spots available!


The local NBC channel di a little feature story on our camp. Thanks, WJFW 12!

Click HERE for the link to the full story

Becoming a “Friday Night Kicker”
This is our camp tagline… and what it means is that when kids leave camp, they do so with the understanding of working to be the kind of kicker or punter who makes his/her team better. Period. At some camps, the focus is all about “getting a scholarship”. That’s not our focus… all of our kids are going to go back to their high schools to contribute to their teams so that their coaches have confidence in them to make kicks and punts from distances that the game and head coach dictate.

The funny thing is, by focusing on the team, and the contributions that a high school kicker can make, the performance of the kicker is usually improved.  Kids who focus on their stats, typically find the pressure to be too much and their performance wanes.  It’s terrible advice to push kids toward an outcome instead of working the process to develop skills, confidence and fun.

Our campers learn that 3-hours of great instruction is only as good as the work they put into once camp is done.  Kids who find the most success, use the new tools, drills and skills they’ve learned and apply it to hard work in lonely hours of practice in the summer, and then find every way possible to offer their skills to their high school teams.  Once that trust is accomplished with teammates and coaches, our specialists find the fun of this game called football.


Scenes from our July 16 camp in Rhinelander.  Outdoor conditions, partly cloudy, 75 degrees and no wind.  Indoor conditions, bright, 75 degrees and no wind.