Sunday, July 16th


New this summer will be our College Camp — an advanced kicking and punting camp held exclusively for college level kickers and punters . It all takes place in the afternoon at River Falls, Wisconsin (30 min. west of St. Paul) at Smith Stadium’s Ramer Field where the 2022 Isthmus Bowl Champion UW-River Falls Falcons play their home games.

This advanced camp is open to any college-level kicker or punter (incoming freshman to seniors).

Note that we’re on turf so that we can kick, rain or shine.  Inclement weather will only delay us and we’ll have access to a storm shelter should it be necessary.

Sunday, July 16th
Check-in starts at 1:00pm on the game field and we get underway at 1:30pm sharp.  We’ll have the field until 4:30pm.  Campers will get a free performance t-shirt and plenty of hands-on (or legs-on) instruction. As a college kicker or punter, we presume your leg will be in game ready shape.  Don’t be the guy who isn’t prepared to get a bunch of kicks in because his leg is tired.

The 3-hour session will be a mixture of group instruction, small group drills and some unique pressure with and against other college players. It’s our goal to give you some new insights and tools to improve your technique, game mentality and how to be a greater asset to your team.

I do not teach a singular method to kicking or punting. Frankly, you’ve already found a style that works for you, but you may be trying to find ways to gain distance, hangtime and accuracy. Our job is not to change you, but to refine what you’re doing to feel more confident when the pressure is on.

I’m a specialist… kicking and punting?
You’re likely “just the kicker” or “just the punter”, so why the dual camp? I guarantee you, that no matter your current starting status, you will gain skills in either discipline by coming to this camp. Further, it is my belief that being a dual threat is of crucial importance to you and your team. At the very least, the kicker is the logical back up to the starting punter.  Likewise, the punter is the logical backup to the starting kicker (not to mention who handles the kickoff duties). Personally, I started at kicker, punter AND quarterback while I was in college (as UW-River Falls).  It was a fantastic experience.  And it added two more guys on the travel roster. Coaches love that.

You will learn both kicking and punting, but you will spend more time on your preferred spot… call it a 70/30 camp.  This is unique in the industry.  We think you’ll like it.

We’re not running 300-guys-on-a-field camp.  This is smaller and more personal.  We want you to learn and not feel pressure to perform for NCAA or NFL scouts.  BUT, we do want you to feel pressure to perform for yourself.  We don’t do stat sheets.  We train kickers and punters to be better than they were before attending camp.