Adjusting to the Conditions

This is the first camp in three years to have to move from our scheduled Saturday camp to the following day due to weather.  Thankfully, most of our kickers (and their parents) could make the adjustment. We’re not afraid of kicking in the rain (although no kicker likes a soggy football), because we can still get good plants on turf and it’s a great lesson for overcoming adversity. However, when the entire day was predicted to be filled with thunderstorms and heavy downpours, we shifted our approach to the following day.

To the weatherman’s credit, Saturday was a wipe out, but our Sunday morning camp was a big success. What started out a bit misty and overcast, turned to rolling clouds and sunshine. Our campers got our full attention with help from longtime friend and Brookfield Central Special Teams Coach Dan Patrick, along with our college counselors, Joey Ziya (Dubuque University) and Andrew Mohan (Central College).

With a smaller group, we were able to slow-mo film both kicking a punting, along with taking our time (and not kick our legs out) to better improve our placekicking and kickoff technique and understanding of K-Zone principles. We also spent time on traditional punting stance, steps and swing, as well as rugy punting. We’ve found that many of our high school kickers learn to master rugby more easily than traditional punting. What’s crucial for high school coaches is a punter who can control the direction of the punt, more than the distance of the punt.  

Most of our camps feature instruction in both disciplines because, as a kicker, you are the logical choice to be the starting punter on your team, too.  And if not, you are certainly the one to be the back up to the starter. At our camps, we prepare you to get the opportunity to play — and to succeed when called upon by your team.



MKPC — $50 OFF ENTRY FEE (if you attended a camp)

All campers who are 15 and older are encouraged to attend the MIDWEST KICKING & PUNTING CHAMPIONSHIP in River Falls, Wisconsin on Saturday, July 13th.  It’s a great way to wrap up your summer training season where high schoolers compete along side college kickers.  There are three separate contests (KO, P & FG) and last year, two high schoolers won !


See what college recruiting is all about from the staff of UW-River Falls and Coach Farley. Free food and drink included!