Coach Farley shares some kickoff “secrets” and gives them time to test out new skills at camp.

Middle School to High School

Once again, we dodged rain drops at the start of camp and by the end, we were thankful for the overcast skies keeping temperatures under control. With 15 kids in camp, it was a perfect number to get plenty of kicks in.

Our camps are designed to assist Middle School kickers who have just started their kicking journey to high school athletes who are eager to become the starter on their team to some of the very best kickers and punters in the Midwest. You’d think that everyone has to be at the same level to get the most out of camp — but it just isn’t so.  Our older kids have their own stories to tell (and teach) to the yougner guys. And the mistakes that our youngsters often make, can be the tools toward our veteran players revising bad habits that have been holding them back.

We also take time to better understand some “secrets” that most high school kickers DO NOT take advanatge of, such as the kick off tee. Almost every high school in America has a kicker using a 1″ black Ground Zero kick off tee. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great tee, but while college and pro kickers have to use a 1″ tee, high schoolers can use up to a 2″ tee. Ground Zero even makes one, but no one buys it. The Stenerud tee and the old fashioned Boomer tee are 2″ tees. They’re great in their own right. 

“I thought the idea was to best help your team this Fall…” Coach Farley ponders, “so why wouldn’t you use a tee that you can kick further and higher with?”

Soccer-style campers also learned that they can use a Boomer tee to add tilt to the ball to get more surface area to strike lessening mishits — and campers also practiced a number of onsides kicks to become an even more valuable weapon for their respective schools. 

“We’d love for our campers to continue to play in college, but before that happens, they have to become valuable to their high school teams. We like to focus on the skills they need to become a Friday Night Kicker.”



MKPC — $50 OFF ENTRY FEE (if you attended a camp)

All campers who are 15 and older are encouraged to attend the MIDWEST KICKING & PUNTING CHAMPIONSHIP in River Falls, Wisconsin on Saturday, July 13th.  It’s a great way to wrap up your summer training season where high schoolers compete along side college kickers.  There are three separate contests (KO, P & FG) and last year, two high schoolers won !


See what college recruiting is all about from the staff of UW-River Falls and Coach Farley. Free food and drink included!