All campers listed on this page were selected by Coach Farley as the top high school kicking and punting recruits from 2022.


In the first year of Mike Farley’s Kickers Camps, we saw dozens of kids from ages 13 to 18 kick and punt all summer long. None of the camps were “invite” only camps, meaning anyone could signup to attend any session. I’m very happy to coach every single kid who steps on to the field with a willingness to learn.  The interesting thing is that there were some pretty good athletes in this innaugural class of campers that I’m happy to share my opinion on their prospects.

The intention of this post is to build exposure to college recruiters as to the very best specialists we had attend any of our camps — only kids who competed in our camps have been selected for this list. This is not a star-rating system, rather it is a full listing of those campers (of high school age) and their alignment compared to other campers.

It is also a list of only those campers who I believe, currently, have the ability to play at the collegiate level. For campers who did not make my list, take it as a challenge to continue to develop your skills. I am happy to promote you to collegiate recruiters, but will only do so for kids who I believe can actually help a collegiate program.

Any coaches or recruiters who are interested to learn more about these kickers and punters is welcome to contact me for a full assessment.

Coach Farley is one of America’s top kicking and punting coaches who specializes in training high school athletes.

Coach Farley: “There’s no set number to our ranking.  I place those kids on this list who should be recuited at the college level.  Predicting their ability for D1, D2 or D3 is tricky, because many kids develop later. Campers and coaches alike, can easily access my YouTube Channel to see verifiable evaluations of every kid on this list.”