Kristi Dosh is basically America’s leading expert on what’s going on with NIL (Name-Image-Likeness) in college sports today. Her site has timely articles that you can get behind-the-scenes knowledge of what deals are getting done. 

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Would you say “yes” to this deal?

If you click through and read this article on the BCS website, you’ll find out that thousands of college football players said “yes” (opted in) after being contacted to be part of the new EA Sports NCAA Football 24 game.

So what’s in the deal?
First of all, if you’re in the top 5% of all FBS football players for marketability (i.e. — Shedeur Sanders, Arch Manning,  Travis Hunder), you don’t sign this deal… you cut your own with your agent handling all the details. These “big time” contracts go for 4 and 5 figures for their NIL rights for just this game. Of course, these players are taking full advantage of signing other deals with separate brands. Sadly, there are no kickers or punters who are in that top 5%. If you wnat to be, you’d either have to be really really good AND you better be a real character… the kind who garners all the lime light. That’s not typically the role that any specialist enjoys.

The Deal
Simply… EA will pay players a $600 fee to use their name, likeness and jersey number (and even a slogan, if he had one). No royalties, no revenue sharing. Just a nice check for 600 bucks. Take it or leave it. About 5,000 have said yes… kickers included.

EA gains the rights for as long as the player is eligible in college (meaning your entire college career), although each new game (each new season) would require another opt-in and payment in kind. However, you don’t get the right to choose your own photograph and EA doesn’t even have to put you into the game. Still, you can keep the $600. 

What’s also of interest is that there are some popular female athletes who are being paid more than $600 to simply promote the game!

When it comes to NIL money, it really is the Wild West right now. Changes are going to continue to happen throughout college sports, and I’d encourage you to educate yourself on the environment you may one day be a part of.

You’re never too young to get educated to take advantage of new opportunities.

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