Rick Allen

This information comes to us from our friend, Rich Allen, who heads up a service called, “Informed Athlete”. 

For more specific information regarding his advice and direction, please check out informedathlete.com.


National Letter of Intent

An NCAA National Letter of Intent signing opportunity for high school or junior college football recruits opens on December 20th.

For high school or junior college recruits offered a scholarship by an NCAA Division I football program (FBS or FCS) and planning to enroll next Fall, the first NLI signing opportunity is only available for 3 days from Dec. 20 to 22.

For current junior college football athletes planning to enroll at an NCAA Division I or II university in January, the NLI signing opportunity is from Dec. 20 through Jan. 15.

Another signing opportunity for football recruits to sign with an NCAA Division I or II program will open on Feb. 7 and will remain open until April 1 for Division I programs and until August 1 for Division II programs.


NCAA Football Transfer Portal

NCAA Division I Transfer Portal Windows for Fall sport athletes:

  • FBS Football: Dec. 4 through Jan. 2
  • FCS Football: Dec. 4 through Jan. 2
  • Men’s Soccer: Nov. 20 through Dec. 19
  • Women’s Volleyball: Dec. 3 through Jan. 1
  • Men’s Water Polo: Nov. 26 through Dec. 25
  • Cross Country: Closed December 17
  • Field Hockey: Closed December 11
  • Women’s Soccer: Closed December 12

Exceptions to the above listed dates:

  • A 30-day Transfer Window is available for Division I student-athletes immediately following their coach being fired or leaving to take another job.
  • It is also possible for Division I athletes who are not receiving an athletic scholarship (or who were not recruited to a non-scholarship program, such as the Ivy Leagues) to enter the Transfer Portal at any time that they choose to do so.

Coach Farley wants all athletes to be well informed of the opportunties available to them. “It’s my own belief that your best option is to try to choose a college, academics, campus environment and football program that really fits with your ideals. High school seniors… take the time necessary to feel comfortable with your decision. Jumping into the transfer portal later (although a helpful option to some) is often fraught with disappointment.”