Kickers & Punters

Stand at precisely midfield.  Right in the midst of your school mascot.

Kickers, place the ball in your holder and kick a field goal off the turf.  That’s right, it’s a 60 yard kick. 

Punters, take your steps to punt from the 50 yard line — exactly —  (don’t cheat) and try to “punt a field goal”.

If you make the field goal by kick or punt, congratulations, you’re a legitimate D1 prospect. 

If you get the ball into the end zone (on the fly), congratulations, you’re a legitimate college prospect.

Want another simple test?

Kickers, answer this… where does your KO go in high school (from the 40)?  0-5-yard line — small D3 school. 5-yards deep in the end zone? D3 school.  Out of the end zone? D2.  Through the uprights? D1.

Punters, clock a 4 second hangtime and you’re college material. 5 seconds, you’re a D1 recruit.

That’s pretty much “it”. Seriously.


There’s one caveat… I said nothing of actually getting the scholarship. It’s really really hard to get a full-ride straight out of high school.  There’s the current starting specialist and a red-shirt guy who’s been waiting for his chance to get in the game.

“You’re just fresh meat.”

Maybe the scholarship isn’t everything you think it is? Take a look at how many guys are in the transfer portal… each one is evidence that they didn’t choose the right program for themselves.

You may want to re-think what your expectations are about playing in college… where to play and who you play for.

And to the camps that promise you the “exposure” to get an athletic scholarship — NONE of them have the power to grant you one. So be careful what you invest and recruiters who promise you “preferred walk-on” status. They have no obligation to give you a scholarship down the road.

Personally, I like the idea of having a “good shot” at playing now and not having to “wait my turn” on a promise from a coach who may not be there two years from now. 

Ultimately, find a place, any place, to PLAY COLLEGE BALL… D1, D2, D3 or Juco. Only 7% of all high school football players go on to play in college. It’s a pretty select club — but if you’re dedicated to improving as a kicker or punter — you will gain some of the very best memories (and friends) of your entire life.

Choose wisely…. now try the “test”, one more time. 🙂