It’s even tougher to get a scholarship

I’ve already been critical of the recruiting process, especially as it pertains to specialists.  My intent is not to discourage anyone, but to provide honest answers and information so that parents and players can make more informed decisions about what lies ahead.  In my book, the idea is to continue to play at the next level, not sit the bench waiting for your “turn” to play — or worse yet, quitting because you’ve lost your passion for the game.

Recentlly I stumbled across this YouTube clip from phenom coach Deion Sanders discussing the new environment in NCAA Division 1 recruiting. The pressure for D1 level coaches to compete and win is paramount to them having a job.  It’s less so in D2 and D3, but it’s still there.  And the longer the NCAA doesn’t adjust the rules on NIL and the NCAA portal, the harder it is going to be for high school graduates to compete for a scholarship.

Listen to what Coach Sanders has to say…

Does the portal effect kickers?

Of course… maybe even more so. Who is Coach Sanders likely to put on his team?  An All-Conference high schooler or a portal transfer who went 12-14 on FG’s last year in a D1, D2, D3 or JUCO program?

I have a bias for D3 football — because I played it, but also because the atmosphere and pace is not as stressful as the D1 level.  Don’t get me wrong on either count — D1 offers a fantastic journey to those who are truly ready for the experience, but any D3 school offers more competition that what most any high schooler has faced in his life — and if the goal is to find a college environment that best suits your needs, then consider this option strongly before you set it aside. Don’t be afraid to ask hard questions to the recruiting coach, “How many kids am I competing against to win the job?  Are you intent on awarding a scholarship to the starting kicker/punter? Is your current kicker on scholarship?”

And if you aren’t getting the looks that you thought you should, understand that the pressure for coaches to win at scholarship schools may be limiting your opportunities. Your best bet is to have an outstanding high school career. Period. Too many kids get nervous about recruiting while they are still playing Fall ball. Focus on helping your team win games. Enjoy all the hoopla and atmosphere of Friday Night Lights — then see what options come your way.

CALLING ALL PARENTS… if you want to discuss further about these issues, feel free to email me at: I’m here to help.